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How to use

We use international dating on our SYSTANE® eye drops, so the year comes first, then the month. If it says 2020-09, that means that it expires on the last day of September of 2020

No, we do not recommend using SYSTANE® products after they expire

SYSTANE® lubricant eye drops can be used as needed throughout the day. We recommend 1 to 2 drops in the affected eyes and then blink

Common dry eye symptoms include dry, itchy, burning, gritty, tired and watery eyes. If you are concerned with any of these symptoms, please consult your optometrist or health care practitioner.

We suggest to wait 5 minutes between using multiple eye drops.

SYSTANE® Products

SYSTANE® COMPLETE is an all-in-one eye drop to relieve the symptoms of multiple types of dry eye.

SYSTANE® COMPLETE features nano-droplet technology to prevent tear evaporation and delivers optimal dry eye relief and fast hydration1,2.

SYSTANE® COMPLETE addresses all layers of the tear film and can help relieve the symptoms of all types of dry eye including aqueous deficient, evaporative/lipid deficient, or mixed dry eyes for 8 hours3,4*.

*Aqueous deficient, evaporative and mixed dry eye. Reference: 1. Rangarajan et al. J Ocul Pharmacol Th. 2019; 35(1): 32-37 (Sponsored by Novartis). 2. Jones L, et al. Ocul Surf 2017;15:575–628. 3. Alcon Data on File, Study CDMGD0012401 (available on request). 4. TFOS DEWS II 2017

Alcon's unique nano-droplet technology allows rapid delivery of the moisturising agents over the entire eye surface for better coverage.

SYSTANE® COMPLETE provides fast hydration, evaporation protection and long-lasting relief for 8 hours1,2,3.

Reference: 1. Rangarajan et al. J Ocul Pharmacol Th. 2019; 35(1): 32-37 (Sponsored by Novartis).
2. Jones L, et al. Ocul Surf 2017;15:575–628. 3. CDMGD0012401 Alcon data on file 2020

SYSTANE® HYDRATION contains sodium hyaluronate (the salt form of hyaluronic acid) which has high moisturising properties due to its ability to attract and bind water.

SYSTANE® HYDRATION has been shown to provide 2x greater moisture retention than products containing hyaluronic acid alone1#.

SYSTANE® HYDRATION UD is preservative-free and suitable to use with soft contact lenses1#

Reference: #In a laboratory study 1. Rangarajan, R., et al. (2015) . J Ocul Pharmacol Ther. 31 (8). p. 491-497 (sponsored by Alcon)

Yes. SYSTANE® BALANCE contains mineral oil and phospholipids that give SYSTANE® BALANCE its milky white appearance. Shake before use.

SYSTANE® products may be purchased from optometry practices, pharmacies and supermarkets.

We do not sell directly to consumers but SYSTANE® products may be found at optometry practices, pharmacies and supermarkets.

SYSTANE® products are manufactured in the USA, Europe and Singapore.

SYSTANE® ULTRA UD, SYSTANE® HYDRATION UD and SYSTANE® UD eye drops are all preservative-free.

Once a preservative-free vial is opened, the risk of product contamination is increased.

We try to accommodate for the needs of all consumers. We have added enough product to the vial for those who might miss their eye while using SYSTANE® drops.

The SYSTANE® UD preservative-free vial is specifically designed for single use to avoid contamination. Therefore, there is no need to replace the lid after use.

SYSTANE® ULTRA 10mL and SYSTANE® HYDRATION are suitable to be used with soft contact lenses. Other SYSTANE® products can be used before and after contact lens wear.

No. SYSTANE® products can be stored at room temperature.

The SYSTANE® family encompasses a range of products, each designed to relieve different types of dry eye symptoms. If you have any questions about which product is right for you, please consult with your optometrist or health care practitioner.